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Posted by: Jayson_Black Offline Posted: Thursday, 26 September 2019 10:08:18 AM(UTC)
Hi All. Depending how many WZ users come over some of you may know me as The Supercell_Kid. Even earlier known as Bomfunk25, but i doubt anyone would remember me from then lol, I was like well 25 years old, im now 43 or 44 or something, I forget. But now that im definitely not a kid any more, not even a young adult, I felt that I would just go with my real name, at least for the forums. "Jayson Black"

I used to frequent the WZ Forums during the Storm Season. I got a message inviting me to join because the WZ Forums have closed.

Wow. I cant understand why they would do that. I thought WZ should be increasing its services, not taking them away. I suppose im only shocked because of the way I use the Forum, or rather when I use the Forum. From about September to March. I often miss news from there in the Downtime between Storm Season.

I hope this Forum is successful, I hope it doesn't become a small niche club, I hope it becomes the new replacement for WZ Forums.

I don't travel long distances for storm chasing (which is really just lightning photography) anymore. I spent at the very least 15 years chasing after thunderstorms in the hopes of photographing/video-graphing a Tornado, Supercell structure etc, but that never happened. came real close, but only a handful of times, saw the after math a few times, but really felt like I had wasted a lot of money, time, energy etc. I didn't gain much but a bit of a knowledge and instinct for Storms.

Nowadays I feel less stressed about storm chasing because just let them come to me. I wont travel more than about 150km from home for a Storm. I might consider a further chase if it was shared with other enthusiasts and it was the setup of the decade. Its been a long time since and superb setups have shown up on the models (at least near me)

I think the final straw was the Koonomoo Tornado. I drove through there 30 mins earlier at the end of a days chasing, thinking that it was all over. When I got home the lights flickered and shortly after ABC news was reporting on it. I couldn't fricking believe it was real and that I had missed it. It was a pretty darn powerful tornado too. the only people who got video of it were not even storm chasers and they didn't get very much (with their mobile phone) all I could do was look at the models, radar and go and video the damage. This si just 30km from where I live. so yeah I was hurt by that. very disenchanted. I mean how could I justify chasing Storms all over the Eastern states, when I could even capture anything of a Tornado just 30 km away. Besides, Storm Chasing is Dangerous. Just driving on public roads is dangerous, and if your distracted, in a hurry and getting older fast, you have to ask yourself is it all worth it. Its fine when your young, hopefull, optimistic and full of ideals, but as you get older jaded, tired and frustrated it starts to not seem so worth it.

So now I just photograph lightning when it comes to me. I keep an eye for Supercell potential but not like I used to. Sigh.

So ill pop in from time to time, post a few pics, but I wont be here during the winter and maybe only the last and first half of Spring and Autumn respectively.

here's a stacked image of some of my Photographs:
Stacked images of some great photographs one night

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