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Posted by: Colmait Offline Posted: Wednesday, 2 October 2019 10:47:59 AM(UTC)
Sounding part B

sounding for Monday 27 Oct2017 2.png

Once the weather Balloon has been released and all the data has been analyzed this is the what a sounding may look like depending on the day and time it is released.

As you can see there are two red lines, one on the left of the sounding and one on the right both rising from 1000mb.
The left had side is the Dew Point and the Right hand side is the Temperature

The Blue Lines that you can see are from a previous run anywhere from 12 -24 hours earlier as a rough guide. The Blue box at the bottom of the sounding is the time of the sounding in UTC time. The Red time is the new sounding and the blue time is the previous sounding.

The grey line is The TAPP, the Theoretical Air Parcel Plot (TAPP) and it is a representation of how a parcel of air may rise from near the surface. Where the grey line is to the right of the temperature trace it is unstable. The further to the right of the Temperature line indicates greater instability. And if TAPP line is to the left of the temp trace then things are relatively stable.

You will also notice on the base of the graph, the yellow box is the temperatures. These relate to the Isotherm lines,the Dry Adiabats and the Moist Adiabats. The Red rising temperature, the Red Dew Point etc. They start at negative values on the left hand side of 0° and positive values on the right hand side. They increase or decrease by 10°increments.

The other highlighted section is the wind barbs. On the right hand side of the Skew-T, you will see flags along the side at different levels. This tells you the wind direction and strength at that level. The part of the flag with the barbs points to the direction the wind is coming from.

An example can be found in the diagram of the direction.


Below is a table showing the different speeds shown on Wind Barbs


Please feel free to add your own input or question. I am continuing to work on part C.
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