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Posted by: Colmait Offline Posted: Friday, 13 December 2019 6:39:12 AM(UTC)
Unfortunately for us on the Eastern side of the range and closer to the Bay, yesterday’s storms, except for a couple of small depleted cells, one which just struggled past BR. basically chocked on a very strong NE to NNE wind. Most of the morning and early afternoon the winds from both the Brisbane airport and Redcliffe were relatively calm. They averaged at both sites around 7-11 km/h and at one point registered calm.

I mentioned that yesterday in one of my posts as this was looking positive because nearly everyday from early morning we have very strong winds which is annoying rather than a nice gentle seabreeze to cool you down.

Around 1400 and maybe a little before the winds picked up and started gusting up to 43km/h and with a week sheer storm they just got shredded once they hit those strong winds. Absolutely chocked them to death except for the fragments of a couple of the severe cells..

Today we start over again. Once again week sheers so it is a wait and see. Very coastal but this early out it is looking better. But once again the 11:00 sounding is important and it would be awesome if they let another ballon go around 14:30- 1500 to see how much of the atmosphere has changed.

Below is 2 forecast soundings from GFS. 10:00 am and 19:00. I do like the 10:00 am sounding but as you can see how it changes during the day. To me that is the main problem with storm predictions. Every second the atmosphere changes and no 2 storms are ever the same.

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