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Posted by: Ambient Offline Posted: Saturday, 25 January 2020 9:06:41 AM(UTC)
Rainfall varies around my location depending on which direction it comes from. Most comes in from the West/West South West & is usually heavier either to the south or north of town by 1 to 2 Km. Amounts can be 30 to 50 percent higher.

As for rain gauges, I have 3 different types within 50 meters of each other & all measure different amounts. The BOM gauge in the back paddock is the standard 8 inch funnel mounted 300 mm above the ground. The AWS one is mounted 6 meters above the ground & the standard garden variety one is 180 cm off the ground mounted on the colourbond fence.

In a heavy downpour last week(20 mm in 15 minutes) there was a 5 mm difference between the three with the BOM gauge registering the least & the standard one the most.

I suspect that the hole in the funnel of the BOM gauge could not handle the amount of rain collected & some spilled over, although i cannot verify this. Being an official BOM site this is the reading I have to report.
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