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Posted by: FNQ Bunyip Offline Posted: Sunday, 7 June 2020 12:21:11 PM(UTC)

Better day today than yesterday and Friday.
21mm yesterday and only 5mm this morning.

Looks set to continue for the week :(

Scott: Mrs is going to do Nursing, mostly online but lots of unpaid placements doing prac..
Don't think anybody should have to work without pay it just seems wrong..
She is working as an (AIN) Assistant in Nursing now , 3 years or so and she will be an RN.

I run 2 pig traps most of the year and Scout and I look around every morning and a lot of arvos
I'm not into dogging pigs, to much like hard work running around in the bush, but like to sit
and ambush a few in the late arvo as they come out of the forest to feed. Our council has a
pig man that runs traps over the whole shire. He is payed by council and they own a lot of traps
but the rain forest is full of them and as it is NP no hunting or control at all, so have to get
them when they come out..

Yard is looking good still 28 , shame about the willy willys but comes with the environment.
I'm sure your tree line will help a bit with the dust.

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