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Posted by: scott123 Online Posted: Thursday, 23 July 2020 1:01:11 PM(UTC)
Didnt fell a tremor here...

You might be on a fault line YS...BigGrin

Back to windy showery [censored]after a couple of really nice days on the weekend..

We got out around the islands on saturday to give the missus a bit of practice on the mackeral...

Filled up on them in a couple of hours so had an early mark to get ready to hit the reef on Sunday..

Missus landed her first Spanish, sunday morning, in a double hookup within 30 seconds of putting the lures out ..Got a couple more then trolled over to another favourite mark and picked up a Yellowfin on the way....then dropped some bottom lines straight into a school of Nannigai...another first for the missus..pulled up lines and were on the way home by midday with a full esky again.....maybe there were so many fish about because no-one has been able to get out much the past few months..?

no more then about 12 knots max and often only a gentle breeze of about 5 knot...

Looking like much of the same again from Sunday onwards for down this way though Cairns and north looks consistently windy..

Lots and lots of tourists down this way as well 28..hopefully not too many victorians..Blink

Pigs are all gone here now Bunyip for the moment..I got half a dozen and the council trapped 8-9..
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