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Posted by: duncan61 Offline Posted: Wednesday, 7 April 2021 8:28:05 PM(UTC)
I have been following Hudson bay ice form up for 3 years and this year it froze all the way to Ontario 8 days earlier than normal.Polar bears with 3 cubs were seen on the ice.How much longer can it be claimed all the ice has gone.Canada experienced -20 and lower temperatures in February and the ice spike went all the way to Texas.Guess what happened to sea levels during this period.Nothing at all.when Texas power and water went down for 4 days I checked and it was -25 in the Arctic circle and -27 at Antartica.Ice does not melt at them temperatures but it would seem that a week of -20 will freeze the ocean as it did at Cape Cod.I consider myself a realist and base my assumptions on what I see.My mother inlaw lives in Portsmouth U.K.and it was snowing.I could see it when she was chatting on skype with her daughter and grand daughter.
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