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Posted by: 28degrees Offline Posted: Wednesday, 5 May 2021 9:22:43 AM(UTC)
Some thoughts and questioning from an old woman, who never had university training...

I don't understand why climate change is only concerned with *emissions*. I never hear anything else talked about.

IF there is such a thing as global warming maybe it's part of a greater cycle than we could ever understand.

Has anyone mentioned the possible effects of the Sagittarius Galaxy colliding with the Milky Way? which I understand is actually a thing.

Somewhere I read that our Solar System is passing through a photon belt. No idea if that's fantasy or real.

We've placed large heavy masses of water in places it never existed. (Extra weight on in a new spot, on what is effectively a spinning top.) Large bodies of water affect the climate surrounding, eg the original Snowy Mountains Scheme changed the annual snow fall, according to the locals.

There's our cancerous urban "development". Have any climate scientists taken this into account, & the multiple changes this causes? Massive heat generated by bodies and buildings, water courses changed, water flows changed, loss of air processing vegetation, and rubbish.

Apparently there are massive islands of rubbish in our oceans, which are rarely mentioned in relation to anything. How are they affecting the planet? How much methane is coming from these floating masses.

We also have our urban sprawl on good food producing land with plenty of accessible water. Food growing has been pushed out to regions with not enough water available without upsetting the local balance. So we have whole rivers drying up. Underground water drying up.

Kary Mullis (inventor of the PCR process) had some interesting comments, that got him into a bit more hot water.

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