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Posted by: Falling_Droplet Offline Posted: Sunday, 20 June 2021 11:56:33 AM(UTC)
Ferny Grove Weather
Date: 20 Jun 2021
Time: 11:40 AM

Min Temp since 9am yesterday: 9.4 C
Max Temp since 9am yesterday: 19.7 C
Min Ground Temp: 6.1 C
Rain since 9am yesterday: 0 mm

Temperature: 20.6 C
Relative Humidity: 54 %
Dew Point: 10.9 C
MSL Pressure: 1016.6 hPa
Wind Speed: 8 kph - light breeze
Wind Direction: SSW

Present Weather: State of sky generally unchanged during preceding hour
Visibility: 20km to 39km - Very Good Visibility
Cloud Cover: 1/8
Ground State: Ground dry

Notes of yesterday weather - 19/6/21: Sunny. Slightly warm in the early hours easing to near average just before sunrise as the temperature was nearly stable before falling slowly later in the early hours and in the early morning. Slightly cool temperature during the morning and afternoon becoming cool in the mid to late afternoon as the temperature fell from later in the afternoon. In the evening the temperature eased to near average and was stable before falling slowly later in the evening. Dew point was moderately low that rose slowly in the early hours and in the morning which temporarily eased to slightly below average late in the early hours and in the early morning. In the afternoon the dew point became stable in the afternoon, fell slowly from the mid afternoon before rising slowly later in the evening while easing to slightly below average. Low or very low relative humidity in the early hours while the relative humidity rose slowly before falling in the morning that eased to slightly below average from the mid morning. Slightly below average relative humidity in the morning and afternoon which after rising slowly from the mid afternoon became moderately low from the early evening. Light to moderate and a little gusty at times W to WSW winds from early and W to SW from the morning with some WNW and S to SSE winds. Winds eased to light from the late afternoon and then light W to WSW later in the evening with some NNW to WNW winds.

Today: The temperature have been near average that generally fell slowly in the early hours before rising this morning. Dew point was stable from early that was slightly below average, before rising this morning that have remained slightly below average though was briefly close to average. Relative humidity was moderately low while rising in the early hours and early this morning before falling this morning and eased to slightly below average. Light NW to SW winds in the early hours with calm winds at times, W winds from later in the early hours with calm winds at times and became S to SW this morning.
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