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Posted by: Paul Atkins Offline Posted: Saturday, 7 September 2019 6:26:10 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: facosta Go to Quoted Post
First of all, big THANKS to Paul, the OceanViewWeather administrator and his cat for making this website possible and providing weather data freely available to everyone. I find the live weather table fascinating to watch, particularly because the station is located fairly close to where I live.
The service is second to none when compared with the data the BOM provide for free. That is, 3 months later after post-processing for one particular day of the month, in a station 500 Kms away.

Enough said this is my question today: I've been looking for the last few days at the solar radiation chart. As I would expect there is a correlation between the solar energy levels and the sun path for the date. However, it appears there is always a dip around midday at the top of the graph. What is the reason for that? Confused
Is it possible it has to do with the way the station is set? Is it there a shade of some sort crossing over the solar sensor or a tree shading it? Blushing

Thank again to Paul for the great work he puts on the website and the forum You have my appreciation. Love

Hi facosta,
First off thank you for joining up and for your first post. ThumpUp
Sadly the dip in the graph on my weather website is due to the positioning of the weather station. Sad When I installed it a few years ago in January and didn't think that the large gum-tree 30m away would make shade about this time of year. From October to approximately March it doesn't cast any shade. I keep meaning to move it and will find a new location for it tomorrow.
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