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Posted by: scott123 Offline Posted: Thursday, 11 April 2024 11:17:36 PM(UTC)
Yesterday BOM was only at 15% of a cyclone even forming yet today there is a cat 2 sitting out there....and no weary, even Higgins states that it wont impact QLD..that must have been just so hard for him to write that...LOL

Yes Ron its likely to be a sloppy troughy thing at this stage though the heaviest rains have now been pushed back to mid-next week and onward...who knows we just wait and SM mentions with some of the forecasts of late I'll beleive it when I see it..

Absolute cracker of a week dowm here though with no rain recorded..plenty of mowing and spraying finally getting done.....

BTW I jumped the fence and climbed the cassowary bridge the other day...they had to build stairs to get up it as the actual slope is to steep to actually walk or climb up and then once you get to the bottom of the tarped area it drops off almost vertically to a creek and the train line below......40 million and counting so far and I'd say trying to even stabilize the slope will have ongoing costly issues..

BTW for perspective the tarped areas are right at the very top and dropping over the western side of the structure itself....

Sorry for the sideways pics I dont know how to fix it..

I can actually see the back part of my property at the base of the mountain in the first pic..its even closer then I thought...

20240408_145813.jpg 20240408_150433.jpg20240408_150217.jpg
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