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Posted by: Colmait Offline Posted: Saturday, 21 September 2019 9:46:12 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: squall19 Go to Quoted Post
Thunderstorm forecast for SA today did well Colmait.BigGrin

I found this radar, storm tracker, satellite picture animation, overlay this afternoon l don't want to lose. It is a beauty BigGrin

That is great news squall19.

I just went to make a gif of the archived radar for the past 2 days for the event, but it has changed this week.
I made one gif for the SEQ/NE NSW for the storms on Tuesday night and this morning was told I now have to pay for them. 1 free now it is $4.00 a month for personal but I don’t know what that allows and $45.00 per month for the pro. That adds up. For 10 years I have been using the weather chasers archive for free and wham. So I have to try and find a new site. The one you posted is very good but it appears to update every few hours. I. Am keeping an eye on it thought to see how long that event will stay on that sweep.

It was an easy system to look at and predict. But when I get some time and kick start the main computer I will add some more forecasting tips and hopefully others will add their tips and tricks etc.
I am hoping Ken will see and add his valuable info.

The next one I will post is understanding Soundings, (SkewTs, Aerological diagrams). AC and Michael Bath posted very easy to understand articles. I also did a free education course through a Met school which I will post their link too.


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